Surge protection devices or SPD for short are not new and have been used on larger commercial and infrastructure items since the early 20th century. The benefit of such devices is that it works as a barrier between high voltage surges created by weather events or electrical systems, often called transients and the more sensitive items of equipment and from potential sparks created by the high voltages involved.

Surge protection devices can be likened to a gateway that blocks larger currents whilst allowing access to the lower, correct current levels.

Lightning Enterprises specify, supply and install all of your surge protection requirements to meet any of the relevant standards, whether as part of a lightning protection system or deployed to protect specific critical equipment from internal surges. We are highly experienced in the provision of devices to meet the BS-EN 62305, BS7671 and 18TH Edition regulations and can provide all the necessary risk analysis processes and we work with numerous different manufacturers to ensure reliability, quality and value from the devices we specify.

Lightning Enterprises are the one stop shop for surge protection devices and our attention to detail can be assured. Contact us and ask about a free SPD survey today.