Welcome to the Lightning Enterprises Knowledge Centre, over the years we have collected all sorts of helpful and interesting bits of information and the knowledge centre is about sharing them with you. 

Not only will you find both technical information and practical articles but you will also find entertaining and sometimes humorous ones too. 

We will continue to seek out additional content and share it with you and we hope you will enjoy our content and even share some of your own with us too!  



Testing Advice



No matter how well you may have installed a system the final result comes down to testing, in this area of the Knowledge Centre we will provide a number of manufacturers’ guides on testing, the process, the equipment and correctly interpreting the results.








Helpful Safety Advice



Its important that our industry continues to recognise and develop robust ways to keep our operatives safe, in an industry where heights, electrical risk and physical risk from the Lightning itself are all obvious daily considerations this can never be underestimated.

In this section, we assemble a series of information that we hope will be useful to persons both within and external to our industry.







Lightning Protection Guides




As the name suggests all of these are guides on the regulations around lightning protection design and installation. Great reading to supplement your knowledge and experience:









Video Content &Advice





Our video content section contains a real mix of information for those who want just a light touch to a real interesting lecture form the world of aviation. This is an eclectic mix and intentionally as much entertaining as informative.






Miscellaneous Stuff.


Ok so admittedly these didn’t fit into a specific category but they are still very useful.