About us.

Originally formed in the early 1980’s Lightning Enterprises was operated by a Mr GW Scott and was an affiliate company to his own UK lightning protection company. Mr Scott made regular visits to the Channel Islands to service the needs of clients in both new systems and the testing of existing systems.
By the mid 1980’s Bob Ozanne (who was to later take over the company) met Mr Scott after Bob’s wife Wendy became the company secretary, Bob assisted with annual testing when required although still working as a building contractor.

In about 1994 Mr Scott was thinking of retiring and selling both his UK and CI business, he approached Bob to see if he would like to take on the CI business. Bob did take over and ran it alongside his building business, in fact at this stage it wasn’t by any means a large undertaking with a number of other UK companies operating and business only taking up a small portion of Bob’s time.
In 1996 Bob registered Lightning Enterprises and the company as we know it today was officially born. It wasn’t that many years later before the company, which was growing exponentially and becoming increasingly respected in the Channel Islands construction industry, would become Bob’s full-time occupation.

Over the next 20 years Lightning Enterprises grew steadily and certainly became the supplier of choice, though simply due to size some UK contractors would occasionally still install systems especially in Jersey. Bob was a well-liked person earning the nickname “Lightning Bob” and still to this day clients across the Islands ask after his wellbeing.

In 2014-15 Bob felt that retirement was approaching and he began the search for a new owner, through a mutual contact he met with Tim Guilbert and in 2015 Tim and his Wife Liz became the new owners. Tim and Bob worked alongside each other for almost two years to ensure a seamless handover and they too shared a great relationship with a definite common respect between them.

Tim is an experienced and Chartered construction and business manager and on taking over the company arranged significant training in UK, Germany and online to help take the company to the next level. Tim quickly earned Premier status for the company with a leading UK based supplier.

Today the company is almost the exclusive supplier of Lightning Protections Services in the Channel Islands and looks after almost all major infrastructure across the three major islands.

The company’s skills now include all forms of system design and implementation and has been responsible for designing a number of unique new innovations for the industry. The company has won national recognition winning a National Company Award with the Considerate Constructors Scheme in both 2018 and 2020. 2020 has seen us gain ISO 9001 accreditation as well as increase our own personal qualifications.

But rest assured our story has by no means been completed. We continue to strive for higher standards in the industry and to implement ever improving training and customer focused support, with continuous professional development always in our mind.