Earthing systems are used to protect you from an electric shock, they do this by providing a path for a fault current to flow to earth safely and when correctly designed and implemented the system will ensure the safety or personnel and the correct operation of machinery and its systems.

But safety earth deign is a highly technical and skilled service best left to experts trained to design systems that meet the stringent standards associated with this type of work. Computer analysis and technical knowledge combine to ensure the safety of all parties.

Lightning Enterprises utilise the most highly skilled technicians to provide an end to end design service for safety earthing.

Lightning Enterprises will evaluate, test, install or design earthing systems from scratch and will do so all in compliance with relevant standards and practices using only the most experienced technical staff and innovative solutions.
We can provide:
Soil Resistivity Surveys (Wenner and Schlumberger methods)
Earth Electrode System Design
System commissioning
Periodic testing and inspection
When you need someone to trust you can do no better than calling Lightning Enterprises