Lightning Protection Guides 

As the name suggests all of these are guides on the regulations around lightning protection design and installation. Great reading to supplement your knowledge and experience:




Dehn’s well known Red Book, this version from 2015 so not as up to date as some: z.Dehn Red Book Guide 2015







AN Wallis form Nottingham, one of the UK industries most trusted suppliers gives us an almost pocket size handbook crammed with loads of useful information: z.Wallis Consultants Handbook _Version 2_






A useful summary document of the changes between BSEN 2006 AND THE BS EN 62305 20111 regulations: z.Furse_Guide_Update_2011








This comprehensive guide by Betterman in incredibly interesting for those that want to understand just a little more about our subject: Betterman Lightning_protection_guide







Produced by Thomas and Betts in association with Furse this is again an excellent and informative document outlining BS EN 62305 z.Furse Guide_3rd Edition