Whether as part of a Lightning Protection System or to protect a specific piece of equipment from internal surges Lightning Enterprises have access to the best the market has to offer combined with the expertise to ensure everything is done to offer appropriate levels of protection.

Trust Lightning Enterprises to protect you and your equipment. You can do no more!

Design and specification

Lightning Enterprises specify and design surge protection from single units to coordinated systems ranging over multiple equipment and diverse spaces, in every case we apply our knowledge and reach to ensure our solutions meet the relevant standards.

Following an appropriate on site survey or production of the necessary drawings, Lightning Enterprises team will apply their extensive experience and knowledge to produce a detailed surge protection design proposal with clearly pricing and technical details, but our service doesn’t stop there, we will meet with our clients and ensure they have all the facts necessary to enable them to make an informed purchasing decision and all this with our guarantee that our proposal will have the client’s needs at its heart, we will not over engineer but instead apply our extensive knowledge to tailor the solution to correctly fit you and your company’s needs.

We work with numerous different trusted manufacturers, ensuring we have a full range of devices and equipment at our disposal, both quality and value are always a primary concern and when we purchase we do so knowing the reliability and quality of the products we choose to offer our clients, this is the sign of a well-developed and experienced team that understands what its clients demand.

Lightning Enterprises pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for surge protection devices and our attention to detail can be assured.