Over the last two years Lightning Enterprises has developed its own bespoke Lightning Protection testing and inspection software Certitude.

Bringing together our comprehensive knowledge of the industry and the latest in tracking and workflow technologies to produce a simple to operate yet robust and reliable system which gives unprecedented confidence for ourselves and our clients

Lightning Protection Testing

Certainty and Reliability with Certitude
From start to finish Certitude sets new standards in testing and inspection of Lightning Protection Systems.
Incorporating the latest Workflow and data capture technologies with smart ePOS, GPS, and Time Dating just to name a few the Certitude Software really is the fusion of solid industry knowledge and imaginative innovation.

Protection for the Engineer and the client
The system ensures the inspecting engineer is provided every bit of information direct to their handset to ensure not only their safety but to maximise their ability to capture every last detail of the system and its performance. Not only that we are able to provide a predictive approach to the maintenance your lighting protection system due to the solid analysis of the collected data.

“We’ve put our passion, energy and knowledge into developing Certitude not just for our clients but for the good of the industry!”
Tim Guilbert, Lightning Enterprises Managing Director