Risk Analysis

The Risk Analysis is certainly a key component of any Lightning protection system if not the cornerstone of any such system. The process of Risk Analysis follows an important period of data collection on the given property or building and this is then fed into a specialist software which carries out an elaborate set of calculations.

Every consideration is given to allow the appropriate level of lightning protection to be provided, the use, construction and systems connected to the building are all factored into the calculation.

An important fact is that the system does not always stipulate a system being required and carrying out the Risk Analysis is an important step in ensuring any building that may or may not require protection for a whole number of reasons is given the appropriate consideration. The results, whether requiring protection or not ensure compliance with building regulation and with insurance industry responsibilities.

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“Tim at Lightning Enterprises has always provided us with an excellent, professional service. We’ve worked on various sized projects over the years from concept, design to completion and find him extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his industry. We look forward to working with him on further projects in the near future.”

Jon Nash, Director
Aston Services Ltd

Lightning Enterprises are highly qualified and experienced to carry out the Risk Analysis and best interpret the results to provide the most cost effective yet reliable Lightning Protection Systems.

As a trusted partner Lightning Enterprises will provide you with the evidence and detail you need to make an appropriate decision regarding your lightning protections needs!